Consumers happy with drastic price supermarket giant Best Mart

12 dec 2013

The Surinamese Consumers Association is pleased with the strong price reductions since November 21, 2012 have been made by supermarket giant Best Mart.

The supermarket in the northern part of Paramaribo, the rates of more than 100 articles greatly reduced just before the independence celebrations. Some items are even at the cost of the hand.

President Rudy Balker tells GFC it's a good thing that prices downward adjustment. According to him, would also be other big businesses to follow that example.

"I am very pleased with these positive developments that I have been able to learn from the field. I get a lot of feedback from customers who are satisfied. Best Mart has thus shown that prices can indeed significantly down, and that is in favor of the consumer. Especially during the upcoming holidays. It would be nice if other supermarkets following suit, "the top man of the Surinamese Consumers.