Best Mart opened its doors to the public in 7 July 1999. The store is the result of 3 generations of the Lee's family doing business since 1934 in Suriname. We were part of the earlier immigrants from China, also known as the Hakka Chinese. Our previous name was Tja Foe Lee, and we have built multiple stores throughout Suriname. In 2004, we received an award from the former President of the Central Bank of Suriname, the late Andre Telting, for maintaining and being conscious of lower prices in Suriname.

Our Story

Your one stop shop here in Paramaribo, for all your fresh, frozen, groceries and produces needs. Our store covers over 36,500 sq feet in retail space and we also have the biggest selections in dairy products, fruit juices, wine, beer, healthcare products, pet food, etc. At "Best Mart" our company's goal is to provide our customers and their families with quality products that you would find in the USA, and in the Netherlands. We know you would be interested in buying good quality products at a reasonable price, and we can assure you will feel just like you are at home.