Community wants continued low prices Best Mart project

31 oct 2013

A majority within the Surinamese community is full of praise for the semi social party activities supermarket giant Best Mart, with over 4000 various items far offered. Below the prevailing price Has therefore asked the management of the supermarket giant, also continue. These highly valued activity in the month of November of this year, a large number of customers.

Especially those living in the districts of Para, Saramacca and Wanica have appealed to the Board of Directors of Best Mart, the community for a longer period of time to accomodate.

GFC News learns Wednesday that Best Mart- owner Well Foe Lee has responded to the many requests he received. Within benevolent It is the intention to continue in the framework of the "Srefidensie 'celebration' on November 25, 2013, the activities of the last day of the month of November, and additionally greatly reduce. Significant number of items in price.

Well Foe Lee confirms express satisfaction across GFC, the semi-social project is a huge success. "My countrymen do indeed very enthusiastically use the many thousands of articles that are far below the usual prices on our shelves and therefore is to be continued. In connection with 'Srefidensie' Best Mart will for that reason, extend the celebration activities and moreover price decrease a large number of products."

The president of the Surinamese Consumers, Rudie Balker, is very pleased with the significant price reductions that have been made. By Best Mart He leaves that telephone to GFC News know. "I get a great deal of positive feedback from consumers. They are very excited because of the greatly reduced rates. It does me good to take note of the fact that in the next month still very cheap can be purchased "as knowledge says the CEO of the Consumers' Association.

Since the start of the social scene, there is a large influx of people the most varied products far below the usual rates purchases. It is striking that not only consumers of large Paramaribo visit the mega superstore. Even visitors from distant districts make daily grateful for the thousands of attractive offers.