Best Mart stunt with lowering basic goods below cost

03 aug 2013

Supermarket giant Best Mart in the north of Paramaribo this week drastic price reductions. Many products including food according to information provided even below cost recently. So does a bottle of soy oil only SRD 4:50 while the same product at other supermarkets for an amount stands around the SRD 7:00 on the shelves.

The price of Nescafe coffee goes at Best Mart significantly down. The much sought-after product cost per jar of 200 grams SRD 12.75, which is over SRD 7:00 less than the prevailing prices elsewhere in the country.

Reportedly Best Mart with the ever lowering its prices and wants to expand the range itself heard as the cheapest supermarket Suriname much stronger. Other products such as Maggi Cubes, kidney beans, diapers, canned sardines, as well as foreign juices and frozen products are greatly reduced in price. This is how a can of Planters peanuts for more than half of the price from the store. For other items, there are also reductions of 25 percent, and made ​​higher.

The president of the Consumers Suriname, Rudie Balker says very delighted with the changes introduced by Best Mart price cuts. "From the field is reported to me that there are indeed many products are greatly reduced in price. That makes me obviously good because it is in favor of the Surinamese consumers. My hope is that others will follow this example and their prices also revised downwards, "says the chief executive of the Consumer Association of GFC.