Supermarket giant Best Mart stunt products below cost

21 nov 2012

Supermarket giant crusher price and Best Mart in the north of Paramaribo is under 37 years of independence celebration some significant price reductions this week. 37 products have been greatly reduced in price.

Many common commodities in the coming period will additionally even far below the cost of the well-stocked shelves are.

According to an executive of the company, which recently has a luxurious renovation and expansion behind it, it is the intention of the Surinamese community continue to accomodate. These powerful price cuts.

Best Mart also is responding to the request of the government, which has done more to businessmen to keep so that citizens get more money spending limit. Prices in stores as low as possible appeal.

Sardines and tinned beans, cooking oil, toilet paper, fruit, cocoa and Maggi Cubes are also included in the items now being offered to shoppers. Far below the usual price.

Best Mart wants to be labeled with its newly implemented policies as the most inexpensive and best-stocked supermarket Suriname. Not even basic goods are reduced by additional. For example, a pot of Nescafé coffee will be 200 grams for anything above 16 SRD be brought to the man the prevailing price in other stores is well above the SRD. 23

The bargain supermarket has since the middle of this year intensive negotiations with foreign suppliers. The goal was to buy. Much cheaper stuff

"We make every effort to make so that customers get more for their money. Increasingly hefty price cuts Not only in 2012 but also in the new year, it is the intention to bring. Prices in our mega supermarket further down.

We also have a major rebuild behind. The community can now get a much wider refrigerated supermarket with all the conveniences stuff at the most low prices in the country, "said the owner of Best Mart proudly across GFC News.